O que Vai Sobrar pra Arte?

Pessoas Perigosas, Locais Perigosos



My name is Wendell Fernandes a.k.a. Din. I'm a brazilian New Media Developer @ Vermelho Limão, soon-to-be founder of Retrominds.

I have no sympathy, can't make no friends, can't dance at all, I have never gone to jail, have never hit somebody without a reason . I still ain't got what I want, I still don't know for sure what I want. I hate tip-offs and onions too.

I like no parties; I like no slacks jeans, yet... I'm still a f*ck*ng "poser". I don't go to the theater, don't know no shit about surreal paintings, neither about modern art, but still I have not the wish to do it so. I ain't no sensible, no educated fool. I hate filthy and also raw meat.